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It has been a while since my last post… I have been busy with life and what not. Most recently I got a job, so I will no longer be collecting unemployment. Ducks won yesterday… Good Shit. Anyways I have had some tracks I have been wanting to post for past week, so here they are. First, is a remix of “Acting Crazy” by Tydi the Australian Trance artist. I have been in love with all of his tracks lately so there will be more to follow.
Download: Tydi – Acting Crazy (Tom Fall Remix)

My favorite song this past week. It just puts me in the best mood. Mat Zo just continues to put out bangers!
Download: Mat Zo – Frequency Flyer (Original Mix)

Nothing really more say…….. Spencer and Hill plus Nadia Ali, this track was set for greatness before it was even produced.
Download: Spencer & Hill Feat. Nadia Ali – Believe It Club Mix

Finally, a track I found of Gareth Emery’s Sounds of Garuda Chapter 2 “Manchester AM” by Craig Connelly.
Download: Craig Connelly – Manchester AM (Original Mix)