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Today is the Day! Almost 8 years since their last studio album, the French Duo of Homem-Christo and Bangalter finally have released their highly anticipated album, Random Access Memories. I cannot think of a more anticipated album in my lifetime – other than Detox which I believe will never be released.

The disco blueprint laid out by “Get Lucky” kicks off the album with “Give Life Back to Music,” where Nile Rodgers lays down his signature guitars. Recorded entirely on analog gear, Random Access Memories kicks off with a bang.

The third song on the album, “Giorgio by Moroder” starts off with an interview that offers insight into his history as a musician, it recounts how he heard the sequenced Moog as the future of music. The song than provides easygoing bets, chilling synths lines and orchestral crashes into a guitar solo, a fitting tribute to Moroder’s legacy.

RAM’s best songs come in its second half, another clue that it is meant to be heard in full. “Beyond” and “Motherboard” are breathtaking tracks and Panda Bear of Animal Collective aces his vocals on “Doin It Right” , an uplifting electo-pop song that is one of our favorites on the album.

The album ends with “Contact” – the most old school sounding song of the bunch. It is also the only track based on a sample. DJ Falcon first used Contact in a mix back in 2002 and it found its way back onto this album.

I assume there will be very mixed reviews regarding RAM. However, the WithoutHouse crew has given it our stamp of approval as Daft Punk has become innovative and has reinvented their style. I am sure there are plenty of Ravers who wish they could hear “Alive” on repeat for 70 minutes, fortunately that is not the case. The new robots are here to stay!

Check out the entire album:

Our Favorite Tracks: Instant Crush, Lose Yourself to Dance, Doin It Right & Contact.