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Having only seen Flying Lotus for a quick 10 minutes at Coachella 2 years ago, I was pretty stoked for a full set. We got there early enough to see the entire set from Thundercat, who has one of the sickest live drummers I’ve ever seen. Thundercat plays some awesome funk, great to dance to and it was the perfect opener because what followed with Fly Lo was a riot.

Fly Lo played his usual experimental trip-hop like bass music, and with his new stage set up its impossible to look away. He uses three screens, and stands behind the first. The visuals are projected between each screen so there can be depth and complexity to the visuals. Check out this 14 minute video, that starts with Fly Lo’s remix of Lil Wayne’s “I Feel Like Dying” but please ignore the hommie talking through some of the video. You can really see the 3 different layers and Fly Lo in the middle pretty well from the angle of the video.

So after a bit of a warm up, Fly Lo set it off. I mean he got crazy. I had no idea he rapped as much as he did at his shows. He played a few instrumentals, got out there and spit sick verses. At one point, the crowd was clapping and yelling- he encouraged us to keep it up and stepped out to spit a little rhyme over our beat. Fun shit when the DJ gets that involved with the audience. He dropped a couple tracks that knocked everyone off their feet.

He played a remix of Mercy which you can check out in a video here:

The sickest song of the night was when he played Simon Says (Get The Fuck Up!) If he comes on tour new you, make sure you go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.