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Everyone’s favorite producer from the good ole US of A, Kaskade, is back with a new single Atmosphere. This is the title track off of his upcoming album which is set to be released sometime this fall.  I am sucker for everything this man creates. Does this song fall into the category of cheesey progressive house? Yes. Is it better than just about every other mainstream, progressive house track out there? Hell yes. There’s just something about Kaskade that makes this better. It’s got those signature vocals and feelings of euphoria, and just feels authentic. Plus, for the first time in his career, Ryan actually sung the vocals himself! I think that’s pretty damn cool. I fell in love with this track at Kaskade’s Summer Lovin’ beach party at the Marquee Dayclub a couple weekends ago. With the bevy of beach, booze, and babes, this song was the perfect soundtrack for the afternoon.


To get an idea of what a Kaskade Summer Lovin’ pool party is like, watch this video he uploaded. If you like smoking hot chicks shaking their asses in scantily clad bikinis, then you will enjoy this video.