Daft Punk vs. Tube & Berger & Nice7 – Get Lucky Surfin (Justin Michael Remake)


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A couple weeks ago in my Kaskade Redux review, I mentioned a mashup Kaskade played of Get Lucky and an ID deep house track. After doing some digging, I was able to uncover the actual mashup he played. Apparently it’s by an artist named Justin Michael who was giving the track away on his Facebook page. It’s a mash of Get Lucky with Surfin by Tube, Berger & Nice7. Kaskade dug it so much that he decided to throw it into his Redux sets. I’m not usually a huge mashup fan, but I do make one exception and that’s for Kaskade. His mashups are the best and even though this wasn’t made by him, the fact that he decided to play it proves its quality.

DreamTempo – Bassnectar


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Lorin gave us a blast from the past today when he released an old downtempo mix from the vaults. Below is a DL link as well as his take on the mix. Enjoy!

Download: Dreamtempo

“I ’ve been wanting to re-release this for a long time…

This was a mixtape I recorded in one take on four CDJs back in 1999, summarizing my love for thick, heavy, hypnotic downtempo music: ethereal melodies, weird loops, funky acid jazz, trip-hop, and everything left field of center.

Musically, it’s a collection of songs which are very special to me. Many of them were once rare treasures on white-label vinyl, or scavenged during endless hours of crate-digging, or given to me by friends, or something I had heard another DJ drop during some awesome sunrise set, out in a forest in one of our many free outdoor parties.

I made this particular mix as a gift for my girlfriend at the time, and stayed up all night working on it. You can easily hear a lot of ‘mistakes’ in the drawn out mixes, as I was literally weaving sometimes three songs together by hand, while experimenting with special effects and just having a good time with the sounds I loved.

I wish I had a tracklist for this mix, because so many of these songs were anthems from that time. Featured artists include Plaid, Indian Ropeman, We, Thievery Corporation, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Legion of Green Men, Shantel, Boards Of Canada, Genuine, Digitalis, Asian Dub Foundation, Govinda and more.

This was before Mesmerizing The Ultra, of course, but you can hear a lot of influences here with heavy breakbeats slowed down and mixed with pads, flutes, dark synthesizers, and mega-tripped-out atmospherics. Although a lot of the music may sound dated, at the time it was next level. And although it may sound chill, I assure you when broadcast full blast underneath a full moon it caused some very special frenzies…

Beyond the music, this was an era… Although now forgotten by many, there was a deep culture of “chill rooms” and “ambient rooms”, which were more like sanctuaries, and where DJs spun complex combinations of downtempo and trip-hop, both electronic and organic. As that culture spilled out of the side-rooms and into bigger dancefloors (albeit still in very underground events and scenes), I saw a lot of producers take their creations farther and farther outside the norm of electronic music. By the time I made this mix, some of these songs were classics, and I was paying homage to a movement of very unique ideas and styles; something I felt very much a part of, yet very much grateful for, because it was the collective work of so many people from so many different places and walks of life.

It should go without saying that if you are waiting for the drop here, you will wait a very, very long time… and then the tape will flip over …and psyde B will play, and hopefully take you on a ride into deeper musical terrain than you’re used to.

Or maybe this will sit just right. Or maybe it will sound silly, or antique, or crude, or too sloppy, too meandering? I think it’s all of those things. Maybe you will enjoy this bit of my musical past.

– Lorin”

My Digital Enemy – Exclusive Ibiza Mini Mix 2013


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Toolroom Knights, the record label run by Mark Knight, showcased My Digital Enemy’s Mini Mix from the recent Toolroom take over of Ibiza to remind us all that we need to get our asses out to Ibiza for undoubtedly the best party scene in the world.
The mix features a few tracks from My Digital Enemy, and features their new single ‘Nothing To Take’ as the first song which is being released on Toolroom Records.
I also absolutely love ‘Hit House’ from Javier Penna which is the second to last song on the mix.
30 minutes of upbeat tech house bliss here, enjoy.

313 (Detroit Calling) – Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic


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Pleasurekraft is at it again, this time with the help of Jaceo and Vedic on the track. Their new soon to be anthem has some of the coolest vocals I’ve heard on a song in such a long time. I love deep tech house tracks that have a big vocal break. Doesn’t matter if its singing, talking, a speech, it just is such a nice way to break up the track and then bring it back in with a bang. Love mixing these tracks into my sets, sets a great vibe. This one is a must listen, much love to Pleasurekraft for making nothing but the best all the time.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Beats of Antique Cover)


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I am a huge Beats of Antique fan, so I was stokked to hear that they were covering the hottest song of 2013. David of Beats of Antique heard Charles Butler on YouTube covering “Get Lucky” with his banjo. He loved it so much that he reached out to him and got him in the studio. Within a few days they had a finished product and a nice alternative to the hit song.

BigBird – Open Minded


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Hello all, very excited to share this new mix with you today. It is a bit over 90 minutes of some of my favorite deep house and tech house tracks.
Upbeat, fun and bouncy I’ve been pretty addicted to tech house lately.
Hope you enjoy the mix, had a lot of fun making it as always.

Download it here for free:

Download Open Minded.mp3 from SendSpace

As requested, here is a full track list:
Let’s Go Back (Solomun Remix) – Kraak & Smaak ft. Romanthony
Get Lucky Surfin (Justin Michael) – Tube & Berger vs. Daft Punk
The Click – Breach and Dark Sky
Hiphouse – Kabale & Liebe & Lauhaus
Furios – Stefano Noferini
Cicada (Claude Von Stroke’s 17 yr mix) – Justin Martin
Hevvie- Eats Everything
Booty Clap (Martin Brothers Remix) – Kill Fenzy
Trap Shit V13 (Justin martin Remix) – UZ
Trace – Midland
What’s Up Suckaz (ZHU Remix) – TJR
Buhstyle – Stefano Noferini
The Tumble – Cirez D
Spank The Maid – Joris Voorn
Lakota – Eats Everything
So Sunkin – Worthy
Imprint of Pleasure – Tube & Berger
Coma Cat (Mark Knight Korma Cat Remix) – Tensnake
The Return – Deep Kid
Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix) – Azari & III

Review: Flying Lotus & Thundercat Portland 5/24


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Having only seen Flying Lotus for a quick 10 minutes at Coachella 2 years ago, I was pretty stoked for a full set. We got there early enough to see the entire set from Thundercat, who has one of the sickest live drummers I’ve ever seen. Thundercat plays some awesome funk, great to dance to and it was the perfect opener because what followed with Fly Lo was a riot.

Fly Lo played his usual experimental trip-hop like bass music, and with his new stage set up its impossible to look away. He uses three screens, and stands behind the first. The visuals are projected between each screen so there can be depth and complexity to the visuals. Check out this 14 minute video, that starts with Fly Lo’s remix of Lil Wayne’s “I Feel Like Dying” but please ignore the hommie talking through some of the video. You can really see the 3 different layers and Fly Lo in the middle pretty well from the angle of the video.

So after a bit of a warm up, Fly Lo set it off. I mean he got crazy. I had no idea he rapped as much as he did at his shows. He played a few instrumentals, got out there and spit sick verses. At one point, the crowd was clapping and yelling- he encouraged us to keep it up and stepped out to spit a little rhyme over our beat. Fun shit when the DJ gets that involved with the audience. He dropped a couple tracks that knocked everyone off their feet.

He played a remix of Mercy which you can check out in a video here:

The sickest song of the night was when he played Simon Says (Get The Fuck Up!) If he comes on tour new you, make sure you go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Scuba – Adrenalin


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If you’ve been sleeping on Hotflush Recordings head-honcho, Scuba, it’s time to wake the fuck up. The guy is on an absolute tear. In my opinion, this is the epitome of house music. Groovy and deep, but still packs the perfect amount of punch. The vocal sample is great too as you can faintly hear the “drena, drena, drenalin”, hence the title. I absolutely love what Scuba is bringing to the table right now and hope a lot more people recognize the brilliance of his tunes.

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Jeremy Olander Remix)


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Jeremy Olander has become one of my favorite artists over the last year. He’s been pumping out some amazing tunes and is so consistent with the quality of his productions. His melodic, progressive style is quite pleasing and this remix of Kinetic by Golden Girls is no different. The song has a really uplifting feel and the progression from Jeremy shows you why he’s a Pryda protege.

Cirez D – Thunderstuck / Drums in the Deep


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Cirez D is back with a vengeance bringing us a two track EP Thunderstuck and Drums In The Deep. Eric Prydz’s dark, heavy, techno alias returns in grand form as these tracks are nothing but awesome. I think some of Eric’s best work is done under his Cirez D alias and hopefully he releases more Cirez music this year.

Thunderstuck, not to be confused with Thunderstruck, is a banging progressive techno track. This song got premiered at Ultra and Eric played it at Coachella as well. The build is hypnotizing and the dark, echoing effects are powerful.

Drums In The Deep is the second track on the EP, and the title really says it all. The beat consists of a hi-hat and deep drum patterns. Breakdowns and haunting vocal samples turn this track on its side, only to return the slamming drums to get you moving. This song was first featured on Eric’s Essential Mix back in February. I’m glad the wait is finally over.

I encourage everyone to check out the rest of Eric’s releases as Cirez D. Some of my favorites include Glow, Full Stop, On Off, Horizons, and Mokba.